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Settle my Soul

It’s dress rehearsal day for The Littlest Angel Ballet. The girls have been amazing in this process and the time has come for me to step back and let the performance unfold. These girls have never had an experience like this. We’ve done performances, outreach events and recitals but this will be their first in a theater with a formal stage, lights and all that comes with it. There have been photo shoots, and classes to teach hair and makeup. They’ve endured long rehearsals that required focus and discipline. For most, this is their first performance without someone guiding their every move on stage, because most of these girls are under the age of 10. What a tremendous weight they carry! A three part ballet, almost an hour of dancing and a story to tell while at it. And when all goes well, the result is nothing less than impressive. So, I sit in prayer this morning. Prayers that the girls had a restful night. That their souls are at peace and know that they are amazing. Prayers that everyone is healthy for the weekend. Prayers for grace and kindness from those who enjoy their hard work. Prayers that I will be able to release this ballet and let their dancing be guided by a power that is greater than I. May we all find inspiration in the work these young dancers have put in. 💖

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