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Community Ensemble

ALL registered students can take part in our Inspirations Community Ensemble and perform in special community outreach events. Inspirations Community Ensemble members will have the opportunity throughout the season to perform at special events such as festivals, special programs and more.  

Membership is easy! To become a member, the following is required:
1) Be a currently registered student.  
2) Attend special rehearsals as needed prior to event participation. (These rehearsals are mandatory for performance participation) 
3) Commit to the event you are registered to attend. (Your fellow dancers are counting on you to be there)
4) Purchase a shirt/bow combo. Participants will also need black capris and black shoes. Hair should be in a ponytail and out of face. 

We offer a variety of dance, tumbling, art, drama and more at AIDA. Students DO NOT have to be enrolled in dance to participate. Our community events feature GROOVEworks (hip hop inspired rhythmic movement program) and can be learned by everyone!  

Upcoming Events:
Sept 9 Crepe Myrtle Festival

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