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2020 Vision

Hard to believe 2020 is here. Even harder to believe how much has changed the past decade. I entered 2010 with a growing program at the community center that seemed to be taking on a life of its own. I had two healthy boys that I was able to spend time with daily as a mostly stay at home, homeschooling mama. As fast as the boys grew, so did the dance program. I had friends that joined the center with their talents and we worked alongside each other, combining art, dance and gymnastics to provide a well rounded experience for our fellow homeschool friends and the community. We saw an excitement in the work we were doing that was unimagined by any of us. As the years went by, our children grew, lives changes and so did the town. Without growth who are any of us really? While the towns new vision didn’t align with mine, I realized quickly I didn’t have to change my vision to fit theirs. I just had to figure out how to see my vision come to life. So much of that vision has come true. We’ve added classes, instructors and programs. The addition of our non-profit, Inspired Kids, will allow us to get back to community based free programming previously funded by municipal grants through the town. A full production of “The Littlest Angel Ballet” that has been on a shelf since 2002. As I look to the future, my AIDA 2020 Vision looks like this:

1) Expanded community arts programs taught by the many local talents we have in our community. 2) Expanded classes/performances to give our students the opportunity to set goals and achieve them. 3) Expanded free programs to reach special populations in our community. Special needs, foster care and other often underserved groups.

4) Expanded presence within the downtown community. It is my goal to get to know other downtown business owners so that we can truly collaborate and build a stronger community we live in.

I won’t set tangible goals like number of students or programs. Instead, my vision is a healthy, thriving business that students of all ages can find a place where they shine.

I don’t know if my 2020 Vision is too grand. but I do know my 2020 Vision speaks to my heart. Let’s take this journey together. Let’s see how our visions for a greater future can work together to build a better community.

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