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“The Littlest Angel Ballet” is an original ballet by Director Michelle Hankins that premiered in 2002 and was mostly recently performed in 2020. The ballet tells the story of a young angel trying to find her way in heaven.  Often disheveled and disruptive,  she finds herself an outcast among the other angels. Finding favor with the Archangel and Understanding Angel, who provide grace and guidance, the little angel makes amends among her peers while learning a valuable lesson in the true meaning of gifts.  

The ballet is performed by members of Aspire! Performing Arts Company, students of Arts Inspired Dance Academy and is sponsored by Inspired Kids 501 (c) 3. 

Learn more about Inspired Kids 501(c)3 and make a donation here.

Littlest Angel Children's Company audtions-16.png

“The Littlest Angel”  Tea Party is designed to allow guests to meet the cast, take pictures with their favorite character, have a snack, and more! 

Additional tickets required.  $15

Incl. one adult ticket per family

Learn More about The Littlest Angle Ballet 

Tell us a little bit about The Littlest Angel Ballet


“The Littlest Angel Ballet” (2002) is the foundation for our current program, Literature in Motion.  Many years prior to the inaugural performance (2002), I was telling my grandmother that I wanted to create a ballet that was a) based on a book and b) original.   I knew I wanted ballet that was timeless, unique (I didn’t want to do the same ballets everyone else was doing ie the Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, etc) . My grandmother suggested Charles Tazewell’s book The Littlest Angel and the ballet was born.  Today, the Literature in Motion program is an outreach program that features weekly programs at performances that bridge literacy skills and the arts at local libraries.  We have reached over 100 families with this program 


The ballet features original choreography, costuming, sets and design which awarded it the United Arts Council’s Emerging Artist Grant in 2002.  Audience members are delighted as they follow Charles Tazewell's beloved tale as Heaven is full of excitement with the news of a special birth bringing the angels together with special gifts, but will the Littlest Angel’s gift, her most precious treasures, be enough.  


This year’s performances will be held Jan 13, 2024 at the FV Arts Center.  Our 2020 production sold out with one show so we have added a Children’s Matinee 2:00pm ($10/ticket) followed by the Angels Tea Party ($15/ticket-limited seating).  An evening show, 6:00 pm, will also be available for older audiences.  A small reception will follow.  ($15, incl reception) Tickets are advance purchase only on our website and performance tickets can be purchased the day of BEFORE arriving at the theater.  (The Arts Center does not handle ticket sales for AIDA)


The ballet is sponsored by Inspired Kids 501(c)3.  We are delighted to have their support as we work together to inspire and impact our community with workshops, events, and programs designed to promote the arts and influence special populations within our community. 

Inspired Kids offers students of all ages the chance to enjoy dance through scholarships, take part in special performance opportunities, expand creativity and impact lives.  We are very proud of the impact we have been able to make in Fuquay and surrounding areas thanks to the support of donors.  We look forward to continuing our work with your help and hope you will consider a tax deductible donation.   


What is the Angels Tea Party?


The Angels Tea Party originated with our 2020 production and was held at AIDA prior to the performance date and was a sold out event.  This year we’ve moved the party to the Arts Center and will follow the performance allowing ticket holders to meet the cast, take pictures, enjoy refreshments, make a craft and more.  This move allows guests to make a fun day of dressing up, going to the ballet and meeting their favorite dancers. Tickets include one adult per family and must be purchased in advance.  Ticket sales will close Jan 11 for this event.  This event is ideal for toddlers to elementary aged guests though all are welcome!


Tell us about the cast


The Littlest Angel cast is composed of 21 performers.  15 members of Aspire! Performing Arts Company Ballet Division, ages 6-14 yrs, 4 members of our Children’s Company ages 5-7 yrs and 2 guest performers (Mary and Joseph) .  Auditions were held in the spring of 2023 and rehearsals began in the fall of 2024.  We learned the ballet with multiple rehearsals throughout the week and brought the full cast together for the first time mid December before our winter break.  Dancers returned for rehearsals Jan 5 and are excited about this year's performance as they’ve anticipated seeing new choreography, costumes and design come together.  


Why come to the ballet?

Aside from the heartwarming story at the heart of the ballet, the beautiful dancing, gorgeous costumes, and professional performance experience, The Littlest Angel Ballet is a great way to share in the hard work of the performers, have a memorable day out, and enjoy an affordable trip to the ballet.  With tickets rivaling the cost of a movie ticket, audience members will experience a collaboration of energy with the performers and the retelling of a story through movement.  Unlike most ballets, or even a movie, our young cast will inspire audience members of all ages to connect with the performers and celebrate their success on stage at a variety of levels.  Attending the tea party will allow the audience to connect with the cast and meet their favorite character from the stage, encouraging guests of all ages to follow their dreams.  

Meet The Cast 

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