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Parenting Teens

Somehow I am a teen boy mom. I feel like just yesterday they were tiny little creatures who depended on me for everything. Now they are taller than me (well at least one is 🤣), one has graduated high school and they are both taking college classes. And navigating life with two self sufficient, mostly independent beings is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Take yesterday. I went shopping with my youngest, who is about to turn 16, will be a Junior this year, and is a giant goofball. Our goal, to simply "hangout". He's mostly recovered from his surgery and anxious to get back to life. We ended up at Bath and Body...yes that's right. I know you are reminiscing the headache inducing aroma filled room we all spent our teen and young adult years in. I myself had a "flavor" for every season. Why were we there though you ask...well he's come up with a plan for a signature scent. And so there we were...testing every male scent there was until we settled on the perfect fragrance that worked with his chemistry. And I thought to myself...these are the moments we dream of when our kids are small. Enjoying mundane tasks and new experiences as they branch out on their own.

And then this morning...I have redone the website for the third time this month, answered emails, set up marketing and drank some coffeee. All before 8:00am. So that when they waken and crawl out of their room, we can find new experiences together. (Like driving...😳 and considering how many meals we can consume in a 2 hour period 🤣). Isn't this how we do it parents?? Find those moments where we can. To balance the work and play while we soak it all in.

Happy parenting everyone. At whatever stage you're at.

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