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Our TRIAL CLASS period for our

Jan to April 2024 season has ended.  Please contact us directly to find out about our special drop in rates before committing to the season. 

How it works:

Try a class at no cost or obligation:


1. Students may request ONE class per style from the list below to try.   A staff member will contact you to confirm your request.

Don't see the class you are interest in, please contact us. Not all classes have a trial.  (ie drama, company classes). Older students should contact us directly regarding leveled classes.  

If you choose not to continue in our programs, the class is free.

Ready to Register?

If you choose to continue, simply register for class using our registration system.  You will pay the full price of the class at the time of registration


Please note: 

1) A trial class does not guarantee a spot in the selected class day/time.  If the class fills before you try the class, then another class will need to be selected for registration.

2) Trial classes are designed to allow the student and parent to meet teachers, get a feel for the class structure and environment.  It is hard in a single class (especially for young dancers) to truly know if a class is right for you.  This is why we keep our seasons short and the commitment minimal.  

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