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Tuition and Fees


Tuition for weekly classes is determined by the number of classes (including the final rehearsals and showcases(s) per season.

It is NOT a monthly fee.

Tuition varies by program/class and current rates are available on each page.


Tuition may be paid in two formats:

*Full tuition- due by the fifth day of the first month. (ie Sept 5 or Jan 5)

*Installments-Due by the 5th day of the month for the current season.

Discounts available when combining some classes. Exclusions apply


Tuition is non-transferable and non refundable.

Please see AIDA Studio Policies for full details including withdrawal,

make up classes, etc. included at the end of this handout.


Tuition covers all instructional classes, showcase and rehearsal.

Tuition does not cover class materials, costume fees, tickets and other showcase expenses.

A $5/class non-refundable deposit will be due at registration.  This will be deducted from your balance.

All families must have an account with a credit card on file.  Tuition will be auto drafted/charged to the card according to the payment schedule at registration.  This will be clear at checkout and will be listed on the receipt for payment.



Showcase Fees

These fees apply to all students performing in the end of season showcase.

Fees include one costume, 2 ticket, access to show video and photos.  Additional tickets may be purchased for $12/ticket.

Dance Fees are as follows: (fees are based on one costume= $60 and 2 tickets=$10 each)

*One show/one child or dance $80 (one costume/2 tickets)

*One show/two children or two dances $140 (2 costumes/2 tickets)

*One show/three children or three dances $200 (3 costumes/2 tickets)

*Two shows/two children or dances $160 (2 costumes/ 2 tickets per show)

*Drama Fees $100 (includes costume(s) and 2 tickets) (students who do dance and drama will pay both fees as they apply)

Dramaworks Jr.$80 (one costume and 2 tickets)

Tiny Artist  $50 (includes costume and 2 passes)


These fees will apply to both winter and spring shows.

Winter Fees are due Oct 1

Spring Fees are due Feb 1

Dramaworks (Mary Poppins) are due Oct 1

For complete details on withdrawals and cancelations please visit our Studio Policies Page 

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