Studio Policies 

Our Creative Movement, Tumbling and 6 wk. classes are commitment free meaning that some aspects of this policy/contract do not apply such as our withdrawal policies.  

Tuition for Creative Movement, Tumbling, 6 wk sessions is due up front and is non-refundable once class has begun unless someone is able to take your spot.  In the event of an emergency or other special circumstance, we will be happy to credit your account for a future program.  

Tuition and fees:

  1. A non-refundable registration fee of $25 per family is due at registration for all full time classes.  ($10 per each additional student) This fee covers, web/parent portal fees, online registration costs and administrative services fees.  This fee does not apply to Creative Movement, Tumbling, 6 wk sessions, special events and some guest programs.

  2. Tuition/Fee Payments

    1. Monthly tuition covers class fees, special events (recital fees will apply), costumes (additional fees may apply) and instructor costs.

    2. Registration and tuition will be done through our studio software.  Credit cards or check will be accepted. (Payment by check is only accepted in person.)

    3. Families will receive 5% off tuition when enrolling 3 or more students. Students that enroll in multiple classes will receive 5% off each additional class.  

    4. Tuition may be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.  Registration guarantees a spot in your class from Sept.-May.  Tuition is the same regardless of the number of classes in a month.   

      1. Monthly tuition is due by the 1st day of each month and is considered late on the 10th of the month.  

      2. Quarterly tuition will receive a 5% discount and is due by the 1st day of September, December, and March.  Late fees will incur on the 10th day of each quarter payment month. (Please register for the first month and see office for discount on remaining balance)

      3. Annual tuition will receive a 10% discount and is due at registration. (Please register for the first month and see office for discount on remaining balance)

    5. Autopay option available for credit cards only.  

    6. All credit card payments are subject to a merchant use fee.  

    7. A late fee of $25 will apply to all tuition not paid by the 10th day of each month or quarter.

    8. Non-sufficient funds or returned checks will be charged $25 plus the bank returned check fee.

    9. Any account with 2 NSF charges will be required to pay by money order for all future payments.  

    10. Tuition fees will NOT be adjusted due to missed classes for illness, inclement weather, etc.

      1. Classes missed due to injury, illness or vacation may be made up within four weeks of the absence with prior notice.

      2. Classes cancelled by the instructor will be given a makeup option within the current dance season.

      3. In the event of inclement weather or other cancellations, a notification will be sent on via social media, Remind and posted on our website.  Arts Inspired does NOT follow the school system for closings and delays.  Classes missed due to inclement weather will be made up within the current dance season.  

  3. Tuition for Creative Movement, Tumbling, 6 wk sessions is due up front and is non-refundable once class has begun unless someone is able to take your spot.  In the event of an emergency or other special circumstance, we will be happy to credit your account for a future program.  

  4. Withdrawal from full time classes requires the following steps:

    1. A written notice must be received 30 days prior to the intended month of withdrawal.

      1. Creative Movement is exempt from this due to the age of the class.   

      2. Special circumstances may be discussed with the studio director.

    2. Withdrawal begins on the first day of the full month following the written notice.  

      1. For example: Sally’s last day of class will be Oct. 15.  A written notice is required by September 15. The full month of October is due.  Tuition will no longer be charged beginning Nov. 1.

    3. Absences due to vacation, illness, additional activities will not be excused from tuition.  

      1. A  student who will be out for an extended period but plans to return to class has two options:

        1. Withdraw from class following withdrawal procedure.  Student can return to class if a spot is available, and/or complies with performance/special events policies.

        2. Pay tuition during the missed classes to guarantee a reserved spot when they return.  Participation in performance/special events will be contingent on whether the return date complies with the performance/special events policies.   


Performance/Special Events/Community Outreach

  1. Arts Inspired offers participants in our Performance Track classes the following performance and community outreach opportunities:

    1. Winter Showcase-

      1. Winter Showcase is an informal mid-year showcase held the final week of classes during the month of December.  Students must attend all classes the month prior to showcase to participate.

      2. Winter Showcase will be held at a special time, in some cases, classes may be combined.

      3. Winter Showcase will have limited seating, each family will receive a limited number of free tickets.  A small reception will follow the showcase.

    2. Spring Recital

      1. Spring Recital fee/venue and details will be determined by January 1.

      2. Students must attend all classes the month prior to recital to participate.

      3. A limited number of tickets will be included in the Spring Recital Fee.  Additional tickets may be purchased based on seating availability.

      4. Specific details regarding photography, costumes, etc will be given at a later date.  

    3. Community Outreach event details will be determined at a later date.  (Please note, some community events are not open to public attendance, ie Carillon Assisted Living)

    4. Special Events will be shared with the appropriate classes as they are scheduled.


Studio Policies:

  1. Only registered students may participate in classes/special events/performances.

    1. All registered students MUST have an emergency phone number on file.

    2. Arts Inspired Dance Academy has the authority to make all decisions regarding medical/dental emergencies in the absence of a legal parent/guardian.   

    3. In the event of a major medical/dental emergency, and a parent/guardian or other authorized person is not present, the following procedure will take place in this order:

      1. 911 called and an ambulance will be ordered if necessary

      2. Parent/Guardian will continue to be contacted.

      3. Emergency contact if parent/guardian is unavailable or EMS arrives before a parent/guardian is reached.

      4. In the event of an emergency and a parent or legal guardian is not present, Arts Inspired will have the authority to authorize medical/dental treatment for the participant

  2. Expectations for Parents/Guests:

    1. Parents/Guardians, guests are asked to remain in the lobby during class time.   

    2. Parents do not have to remain with students during class time but should leave another adult "in charge" and leave a cell phone number with your instructor.  In the event of emergency, Arts Inspired will assume guardianship and proceed according to our emergency policy.

    3. To maintain an optimal learning environment, parents/guests are asked to remain in the lobby during class time.

      1. Parents/Guests are only allowed in class upon invitation or prior permission.  

        1. Special arrangements will be made for visiting guests.  (We welcome grandparents, dads and special guests always but prior permission is required)

        2. In the understanding that not all children have the same needs, special circumstances will be considered on an individual basis to ensure your child is getting the most from their dance experience.

        3. Observation is allowed with the understanding that:

          1. Talking is not allowed by guests and disruptive guests will be asked to leave.

          2. Guests should observe class with an understanding that it is not helpful to try to assist the instructor by offering suggestions or critique to students.  Trust that your instructor knows what the class/students needs are.

          3. No food or drink.

          4. No cell phones or devices with audible noise.  

      2. Open House will be held the first day of class for NEW students.  We encourage a parent/guardian to observe class at this time. All others are asked to wait in the lobby.  

        1. In some cases our younger dancers will need additional time before feeling comfortable to stay without a parent/guardian.  We will work together to find the best solution for your child.

      3. Please keep the waiting room quiet during classes.

    4. Please no food or open drinks in the waiting room or the studio.  Sports bottles with water are perfect for dancers in class. No food in studio.

    5. Please be courteous to the other students and have your child to class on time.

      1. Children should be dressed, including shoes on and ready to begin as soon as the instructor arrives.

      2. To avoid disruption of class, if you are late to class, please wait at the door until the instructor invites you in.

      3. Please have your child dressed and ready to begin dancing when they are acknowledged.   

    6. For the safety of your child and courtesy of the teacher and other classes, please be sure to pick up your child promptly.  If you are late, students will wait with instructor until parent arrives.

    7. For the safety of your children, parking is in the lot across from the studio.  NO PARKING ON STREET.

      1. Please do not allow any children to run around or play in the parking lot or attached areas outside of the studio.  

      2. All students under the age of 10 must be accompanied to and from class and to the restroom by an adult/guardian.  

      3. Students over the age of 10 can be dropped off on the side of the studio on Fuquay Ave.  

3.  Expectation for Students:

  1. All students should arrive on time and ready to dance.  

    1. Students should be dressed and ready to begin with shoes on and bag in hand when teacher/assistant arrives.

    2. To avoid disruption and for the safety of your student, if you are late, please wait at the door until teacher invites you in.  

    3. Please take student to restroom before class begins.  Teachers and assistants WILL NOT take students to the restroom or assist in any dressing activities.  (With the exception of shoe change)

  2. All students should refrain from running and horseplay in the dance room/lobby prior to class starting. Students and guests will be asked to leave if they are disruptive.  

  3. No student under the age of 10 will be allowed to leave building without a parent/guardian.

  4. No talking while the teacher is talking

  5. No food, gum or drinks in class. (water in a sports bottle is allowed)

  6. Keep hands to self

  7. Please do not touch the mirrors.

  8. No sitting down in class

  9. No hanging on the bars

  10. Ask teacher before using bathroom or exiting the dance room.

  11. No running in the studio

  12. Students must be dressed in the appropriate attire for their class/age group.  Students inappropriately dressed may be asked to observe class.

    1. To assist your teachers and assistants, please label everything with student’s first & last name.

  13. No street shoes on the dance floor

  14. Dance shoes should not to be worn outside so make sure you have other shoes to come and go with

  15. Gymnastics equipment, ballet barres and other materials belonging are only to be used under the supervision of an INSTRUCTOR or STAFF MEMBER by a registered student.  No exceptions.


Photo/Image Policy

  1. Photo and Video is allowed during open class times, special events and performance.

    1. Arts Inspired and it’s agents or employees, are hereby given permission to use photographs, videos or images of me, of the minor child for use in studio publications including brochures, newspapers, social media and the Arts Inspired website.  

    2. Arts Inspired has the unrestricted right to use and publish photography or video footage taken of me while participating in dance class, performing or in the company of Arts Inspired.  

    3. Any right to royalties or other compensation arising from the use of my photograph is waived.

    4. I agree on my own behalf and on behalf of the minor child named below, to release and hold harmless Arts Inspired and it’s agents or employees from any claims arising from the related use of the photographs.

  1. Arts Inspired has full copyright and authority to publish photography and I agree to the terms listed above.

  2. I understand that if I do not want images of my dependent to be used, I will indicate this in writing and the signed letter will be attached to this document.

Please note that all students must agree to the policies outlined in this policy to register for classes.  

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